Hobby meets consumer needs and expectations in parallel with the consistent goal of achieving the best quality in all participating areas.

Since the day of its establishment, it develops its experience and knowledge by creating awareness with a never-ending energy and a smiling face.

Every employee contributes to the efficient implementation of Hobby quality management system and maintains this responsibility within the framework of his/her duties.

With importance given to continuos improvement of quality, high quality products and services are provided at low cost and in short delivery times so that rapid responses are given to the domestic and foreign markets.

Hobby meets the current GMP(Good Manufacturing Practices) requirements and ensures compliance with international standards by continuing its operations on quality systems for many years and undertaking to implement the laws and regulations of Ministry of Health which are required by cosmetics sector.

Hobby progresses with the aim of becoming a leading company in the sector by developing and changing consistently in compliance with national and international quality standards within the framework of Total Quality Management understanding.

Quality Policy

• To prepare products under hygienic conditions in considering the demands of consumers for cleanliness and appearance by searching for their needs and expectations,
• To increase the effectiveness of our operations with continuous research and development and meet the expectations of consumers at the highest level,
• To produce products in accordance with national regulations and international standards,
• To improve products by comparing them with other brands’ products in order to increase the market share,
• Continuously improving the efficiency of processes and the quality system by following technological innovations.

Environmental Policy

In order to prevent and control damages, to take and implement effective environmental measures, considering the environmental aspects and effects of all operations; Hobby accepts

• To follow international legislation, to comply with national environmental legislation and to fulfill the legal obligations as required by legislation,
• Reducing and seperating wastes at their source, to take action to prevent pollution, to ensure the recovery of recyclable wastes and to ensure that non-recyclables are disposed in accordance with the relevant legislation,
• Using environmentally friendly/recycled materials and energy efficient technologies in production process,
• To prevent unwanted effects of environmental dimensions and to ensure continuous improvement by adapting all the processes to new opportunities and legal obligations with a risk-based approach,
• To express sensitive and effective behaviours against the environmental pollution,
• Ensuring the reduction and control of all the emissions and wastes by applying an effective waste management that prevents pollution,
• To provide environmental trainings to the employees in order to use natural resources consciously and to contribute to sustainability.