About Us

Hobby Cosmetics was founded as a family company in 1974. Hobby Cosmetics initially entered the Personal Care market with its cream and lotions. Then it began to operate at other main personal care categories like hair styling, liquid soap and shampoo. Hobby has created brand awareness in the local market since its foundation. Hobby Cosmetics, in addition to this, exports to over 40 countries.

In 2010, Hobby Cosmetics was purchased by Dabur International, an India-based FMCG company.

Hobby Kozmetik

Company History Timeline

  • 1974 The foundation of the Hobby; The first production of creams & lotions

  • 1980 Market Leader of Hair Conditioner Category

  • 1985 Kayışdağı-Production & Head Office in İstanbul

  • 1990 First Commercial Campaign: Hobby Hair Gel

  • 1991 Market Leader at Hair Styling Category

  • 2005 Organisational change process begins

  • 2007 Market Leader at Liquid Soap Category

  • 2008 Factory transfered to Veliköy

  • 2008 Henkel- Taft Production started

  • 2010 Indian Company Dabur International bought Hobby