Our Values

Hobby/Dabur values everyday...

We actively represent our core values, that are mentioned below:

Hobby Kozmetik

Sense of Belonging

This is our company. We act according to the principles of transparency, personal responsibility and accountability to meet the requirements.

Desire to Win

We act as the leader of the issues that we are responsible for in order to achieve result-oriented objectives. We adequately actualize the most important issues in regards for the company.

Human Resources Development

Human Resources is one of our most vital assets. We add value through result-oriented training for the employees along with rewards and encouraging them.

Customer Focus

We understand our customer needs very well and products are developed in respect to their satisfaction.


With the principle of mutual trust and transparency, we are working together in an organization to minimize the boundaries between employees.

We are honest in defending our ideas, including the adoption of risk.


Renewing our products and our process is fundamental to success.


We strive to achieve success in our business with honesty. Our relationship with our customers and business partners complies of honesty.